Senior Property Development Manager - ADV2205
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Job Purpose:

To manage the development of property for the Group from site identification to project/building completion, all phases and functionality.

Strategic growth of Property Division to support ADvTECH Group. 

Key Performance Areas:

Site Investigations, Due Diligence and Risk Assessments:

  • Conducts site investigation and inspections to assess if the property or land is suitable to develop in line with the business need.
  • Utilises templates and rating systems of property items that will generate a risk profile of the site, land or property that has been investigated.
  • Identifies the availability of external and internal services to determine the feasibility of the land, site or structure development.
  • Analyses prospective property acquisitions.
  • Chairs and attends all acquisition meetings.
  • Studies leases, purchase agreements, SG Diagrams, servitudes and Title Deeds for restrictions on the project/s.


  • Develops the Site Development Plan.
  • Coordinates the external services, service reports and coordinates the external engineering services with the architectural Site Development Plan.
  • Manages all investigations and surveys such as land surveys, Geotechnical investigations, flood line delineations, traffic impact assessments and Environmental Authorisation processes.
  • Provides technical and design data for the planning, designing and implementation of the total school development.
  • Chairs all design and planning meetings and coordinates all 6 architectural work stages.

Town Planning:

  • Analyses specific areas and identifies possible school sites for development with the Land Use Rights.
  • Identifies the Urban Development Edge and coordinates the data to finalise the risk assessment of the proposed building/site.
  • Manages infrastructure planning and development for the school site.
  • Develops, plans and executes the developments in line with the business and feasibility models.


  • Prepares and signs all contracts with the professional team members and the construction agreements.
  • Adjudicates prices/tenders and manages appointments.
  • Manages contractors, professionals and sub-contractors in line with the signed agreements.
  • Manages the daily contractual activities on sites.

Project Management:

  • Ensures that business objectives and goals are met and that projects are delivered on time within cost targets and the appropriate quality standards.
  • Works with clients to define project goals, Scope of Work (SOW) and to establish the overall success criteria for projects, including time, cost, technical and performance parameters.
  • Ensures that quality, safety, health and environment issues are properly managed and addressed according to legislation.
  • Establishes effective governance, procedures and project standards according to quality guidelines, processes and systems.
  • Develops project plans and timeframes for all projects.
  • Compiles reports to clients on progress, cash flow and project information.
  • Advises on project resourcing requirements and the procurement of resources.
  • Coordinates, controls and directs the activities of all staff and project team members to ensure the project's success criteria are met.
  • Monitors and applies performance management techniques (gates, phases, milestones).
  • Responds promptly and efficiently to the clients needs, changes and requests within the context of the project in a cordial and professional manner.
  • Manages the change control process, including the implementation of change control procedures.
  • Monitors and advises upon project finances, progress and payments.
  • Manages the flow of project information between the team and the client, through regular meetings and written communications.
  • Prepares formal project information and status updates to all stakeholders.
  • Takes a leading role in interfacing with clients and other team members, at all project stages.

Feasibility Studies and Budgeting:

  • Develops and plans the property development projects in line with the company's budget and feasibility model through the utilisation of technical knowledge, qualifications and experience in architecture, town planning, construction project management and practical experience in civil and structural engineering.
  • Assesses the site and establishes the site's associated risk, which is incorporated in the coordination of the Quantity Surveyor's cost estimates.
  • Uses the property development estimates in the CFO's financial feasibility for the development.
  • Prepares CAPEX motivations in line with the architectural layout, engineer services, external municipal services and town planning costs and processes for the approval of the Board of Directors. 


  • 3 year degree in Architecture
  • 3 year degree in Property Development
  • MBA
  • Relevant post-graduate degree in Architecture, QS or Construction Management
  • Relevant post-gradiate degree in Property Development


  • 10 years Experience in construction (from planning to development) years


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Advanced interpersonal and conflict resolution
  • Budgeting, forecasting, risk assessment
  • Computer literacy
  • Planning skills
  • Problem solving
  • Numeracy

Behavioural Attribute:

  • Communication
  • Efficient
  • Confidentiality
  • Adaptability
  • High level of integrity

Equity Statement: